Let’s Save Our Threatened Wildlife Species️

Welcome to 5W Foundation. Together we can save threatened wildlife and habitats. Our Netherlands based non-profit addresses the basic questions of problem solving (who, what, where, when, and why), in the context of supporting front-line conservation work and in support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the UN Convention on Biodiversity (CBD), and UN Global Goals.

We believe that technology, innovators, manufacturers, material assets and supplies from outside of the traditional conservation and environmental sectors play a pivotal role in protecting and conserving the biodiversity of our planet. Welcome to next generation conservation.

How it works

Wildlife and habitats are under threat. This is how
we can all help.

5W Foundation’s mission as a wildlife conservation non-profit, is to support and conserve threatened species and ecosystems globally, contributing to the protection and preservation of our planet's spectacular biodiversity. We rely entirely on the generosity of our donors to make this work possible. We offer a unique, transparent choice between two clearly distinct donation pathways; a choice we believe every donor should have.

A. Donors can donate “to 5WF, for 5WF”, which are donations used to assist in our running costs and allow us to continue to operate.
B. Donors can donate for a species of their choice, or a group of species, a specific project, or a group of projects, or any combination thereof. On this pathway, the entire, valuable donation amount will be spent on the chosen species or projects; yes, all of it. All donors will be provided with a personalized dashboard, through which they will witness the transparent use of their valuable donation.

Of course, it is always fantastic when a donor takes both paths.
Welcome to next generation conservation.

Donation for 5WF

Donations “to 5WF, for 5WF” are used for our operating costs only. We are predominantly volunteers, our Board are unpaid, we do not have large offices, we remote work, we keep our... read more

Donation for Species

100% of the donations to species or projects are spent on those species or projects. You as a donor can choose any species, group of species, project, or group of projects to support. Donate in an... read more

Why 5WF ?

We are working to ensure threatened species and habitats are saved and protected.

5W Foundation represents the next generation of wildlife conservation non-profits.

Embracing Web3 technologies and innovation we provide a transparent donation environment in which every donor can see and experience where all of their valuable donation is being...read more.








Threatened species around the world,
who have no voice, need your support.


Vital conservation projects around the
world rely on support from you and us.

Ocean Conservation

The oceans are the origin and engine
of all life on this planet

The health of this planet's oceans is critical. 5W Foundation is committed to
supporting key global ocean initiatives. These initiatives help the oceans, all life within them,
the planet, and all of us.

We Proudly Support


We built secure and trusted transactions using Hedera Hashgraph Technology

  • Conservation needs new technology and a constantly advancing, evolving approach. 5W Foundation’s infrastructure is built on the next generation of blockchain technology, the secure and trusted Hedera Hashgraph Technology.
  • Hedera Hashgraph is also completely environmentally sustainable and is carbon negative. Combining this with its high-throughput, low fees, and finality in seconds, means Hedera leads the way for the future of public ledgers.
  • Using Hedera technology 5W Foundation can accept and transparently record all donations and financial transactions.
  • We can show all donors to our supported species and projects exactly where that donation is used, on what, and why, and we can track the logistics.
  • We make donating to wildlife conservation a transparent and interactive experience for each, and every, donor.
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Our Partners


Frequently asked questions

We are here to help

We provide support to front line conservation teams. We focus on threatened species and ecosystem projects.We provide tangible assets and supplies crucial for conservation to continue.We provide technology and atypical solutions to advance conservation.


It is your free choice who to donate to, however …
1. We spend 100% of your species/project donation on the species/project. 100%
2. You get to watch that happen, and you see what you have helped supply.
3. And, very importantly, you get to see how you are directly helping the recipient. Also,
4. We do not give grants, donations, or bursaries with your donation; we provide tangible assets.
5. Your donations are not used for marketing, huge salaries, lobbying, jets, or jollies etc; only the species.
6. By donating to a species, you can be helping several projects in need who work with that species.
7. Your donations are spent on what the projects actually need, in some cases desperately, to continue their vital work.

Yes, absolutely
1. This is a great cause and a critical need for the planet as a whole.
2. 5W Foundation is an ANBI, and ANBIs have a number of tax advantages
3. We offer your organization an opportunity to offset you carbon footprint.
4. We contribute to your organizations Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility.
5. We provide transparency on how your donation is used.
6. Marketing opportunities abound.
Contact us to speak further on info (at) 5wf.org

Hedera Hashgraph is a proof-of-stake public distributed ledger that is considerably faster, much fairer, and a more secure alternative to traditional blockchain. Crucially, it is also completely environmentally sustainable and is carbon negative. Using Hedera technology we can accept and transparently record all donations and financial transactions, we can track our logistics, and we can utilize smart contracts and tokenization. Welcome to next generation conservation and transparent charitable giving.

Oh yes.
When you donate to your chosen species/projects your entire donation comes up in your dashboard. At the point we utilize a piece of that donation, along with other people who have donated as you have, the what, the why, the where, and the when of that spend is there for you to experience.

A threatened species is a species classified in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Red List as Vulnerable, Endangered, or Critically Endangered.

Yes; absolutely. You could start with just one, and then add any number more, through your profile, at any point. Or you could pick your favourites and begin your journey of support from there.

It’s simple.
1. Select a species or more than one and/or select a project or more than one.
2. Click to donate.
3. Select your currency and donation method.
4. Sign up and complete your KYC.
5. You arrive at your dashboard, where your donation balance is visible, and you can personalize your profile.
You can sign in at any time, desktop or mobile, see what you have helped provide, and even add another species or donate a little more.

Yes. Within your personalized dashboard will be your donation balance and the details of the contributions you have made to the species and/or projects you have selected.

Throughout the year our team select the species or project internally. We also hold biannual Assistance Application rounds, where projects in need can apply to us for assistance. Once a successful applicant project has undergone due diligence and discussions with our team, the project is supported for their needs.

Yes. When a project is selected or they apply for support, we require a due diligence process to be completed.

No. We are also supporting reforestation, rewilding, and habitat restoration projects too. As well as ocean initiatives for 30x30, mangroves, seagrass and corals, and ocean plastic pollution initiatives.