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Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Pygmy Sloth Conservation Project)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Tolga Bat Hospital)

Status: Vulnerable ... (photos: Save The Snakes, Brittani Brown, Living Zoology Film Studio & Kamal Devkota)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Colombia Tapir Conservation, Camilo Mantilla, Diego Lizcano, Diego Monsalve, Gustavo Pisso)

Status: Vulnerable ... (photos: CCBF, David Moskowitz, Cory DeStein, Doug Heard)

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: EVACC Foundation/ Edgardo Griffith)

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Christine Figgener/ Nāmaka Conservation Science )

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Wildlife Alliance, Jeremy Holden, and Joshua Prieto)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Leon Haberkorn & Friends of Bonobos)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Center for Ecosystem Sentinels)

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Amanda Coimbra / Projeto Muriqui de Caratinga)

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Iranian Cheetah Society/Department of Environment)

Status: Vulnerable ... (photos: Instituto Tamandua)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Rob McLean, John Lawson & Project Numbat)

Status: Critically Endangered ... (photos: Sébastien Meys for Helpsimus)

Status: Vulnerable ... (photos: Snow Leopard Trust and partner organizations, Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (Mongolia), Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan, and Nature Conservation Foundation (India))

Status: Chapman's Pygmy Chameleon - Critically Endangered / Mulanje chameleon - Endangered / Mulanje pygmy chameleon - Endangered ... (photos: Biodiversity Inventory for Conservation)

Status: Endangered ... (photos: Amazon River Dolphin Conservation Foundation)

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