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The Rhino Orphanage

Black Rhinos are classified as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the Red List of Threatened Species(version 2022-1)

“In 2010, when rhino poaching drastically escalated, there were no dedicated facilities to care for orphaned rhino.

In July 2011, Arrie our founder, received a phone call from a neighbour who needed help to locate rhinos on his property after he was hit by poachers. The landowner lost two of his precious female rhinos that night and what made it so much worse, a tiny calf was lethally shot in his right eye next to his mother. The second female also had a calf, only a few months old and left orphaned. Lucky for the calf she got away and eventually linked up with her older sister, who had a calf of her own. It seemed like she adopted her sibling a lucky fate for this young rhino indeed.

A month later in August, the same landowner was hit a second time. Another two rhino were lost and the sister rhino, that adopted the little orphan, was missing. After flying for over an hour, and all hope in finding the three rhinos were lost, she appeared from a grove of trees, the last place Arrie, the owner and vet searched. That day Arrie returned to his staff at the Wildlife Centre he managed and vowed to build the world’s first rhino orphanage.

A year later, in August 2012, the World’s first dedicated, non-commercialized centre for orphaned and injured rhino officially opened its doors.

Not only to rhino, but to many other creatures that needed help, nurturing and love. The sole aim and purpose of the centre is to raise and rehabilitate the orphaned animals in such a way, that they can be returned to the wild one day, without becoming human-habituated, problem animals.

Under the guidance and leadership of Arrie and orphanage supervet, Dr Pierre Bester,  the orphanage “moms” Yolande, Janie, Zanre and Leandi, along with their team of volunteers, provide the most loving, sensitive care to each and every orphaned rhino and creature, with a dedication and deep-seeded passion beyond the description of words. An emotional and challenging, but most rewarding job to each and every person working at the centre.”

Read more about The Rhino Orphanage team of volunteers, their rhino family and their incredible work by visiting the link below

(photos by The Rhino Orphanage)

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