Anti-Discrimination, Access, and Equality Policy


Last Updated; July 2022

Anti-Discrimination, Access, and Equality Policy

Policy Statement

5W Foundation is committed to applying the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in its business activities around the world.

Every employee and individual acting on behalf of 5W Foundation or any affiliate is responsible for maintaining our reputation and for conducting our business to the highest codes of conduct, honestly and professionalism. Ethical behaviour and financial transparency are at the core of our values.

5W Foundation maintains a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination.

Statement of Commitment

5W Foundation will:

  • ensure that diverse communities have equitable access to its services
  • be non‑discriminatory and promote the goals of anti‑racism, access and equity; and
  • take reasonable steps to ensure its services, programs and decision‑making reflect the community it serves.

5W Foundation prohibits discrimination or harassment and protects the right to be free from hate activity based on age, ancestry, citizenship, creed (religion), colour, disability, ethnic origin, family status, gender identity, level of literacy, marital status, place of origin, membership in a union or staff association, political affiliation, race, receipt of public assistance, record of offences, sex, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic by or within the organization.


 Anti-racism:  a set of practices and systems designed to eliminate racism. Racism includes racist ideologies, prejudiced attitudes, discriminatory behaviours, structural arrangements, and institutionalized practices resulting in racial inequality as well as the fallacious notion that discriminatory relations between groups are morally and scientifically justifiable.

Access:  the ability of or extents to which communities or residents can attain needed services and achieve full participation in the planning, development, administration, and delivery of those services.  Access includes client access and organizational access.

Equity:  practices designed to remove systemic barriers to equality of outcome by identifying and eliminating discriminatory policies and practices.

Discrimination:  the act of treating a person unequally by imposing unequal burdens or denying benefits, rather than treating a person fairly on the basis of individual merit. Discrimination is usually based upon personal prejudices and stereotypical assumptions related to at least one of the grounds set out in this Policy. It is not necessary to have an intent to discriminate. Workplace rules, policies, procedures, requirements, qualifications, or factors may not be directly or intentionally discriminatory but may nonetheless have an adverse effect. This may create barriers to achievement and opportunity.

Harassment:  a course of conduct of comments or actions that are unwelcome or should be known to be unwelcome. A person has the right to be free of humiliating or annoying behaviour that is based on one or more grounds in the Code.



5W Foundation is committed to achieving diversity on its Board and Advisors by ensuring that it has an equitable and transparent nominations process, that this process is communicated to all members, and that members are committed to outreach beyond the current membership if necessary to achieve this goal.


5W Foundation is committed to achieving representation of equity seeking groups on its staff by ensuring that members of equity seeking communities have equitable access to employment. This includes recruitment, selection, staff development, performance evaluation, retention, promotion, termination.

5W Foundation is committed to maintaining an environment where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect and are free from all forms of discriminatory treatment, behaviour or practice.  Discrimination, harassment, violence, and any other form of discriminatory practices will not be tolerated by 5W Foundation. Discrimination does not have to be intentional. It can result from practices or policies that appear to be neutral but, in reality, have a negative effect on groups or individuals based on race, religion, gender, etc.


5W Foundation is committed to ensuring that its services and programs are accessible to diverse communities. This involves regular reviews of current outreach, communications, program planning and evaluation, to ensure goals are being met.

In addition, 5W Foundation, during the course of its activities is committed to ensuring that it will not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, violence, and any other form of discriminatory practices by suppliers, other projects or organisations, or individuals, toward our staff, will not be tolerated.

5W Foundation reserves the right to take whatever appropriate action are required in circumstances of external discrimination against our staff, to include, but not limited to, reporting to the Authorities, cancellation of conservation support, and immediate termination of supplier agreements.

Training and Education

5W Foundation is committed to ensuring that those involved in the delivery of services and programs have the knowledge, understanding and skills to work with and provide services to members of diverse communities, particularly equity‑seeking communities.

Information and Communications

5W Foundation is committed to ensuring that all of its communications, including information on its services and programs, are accessible to diverse communities in one format or another.

Policy Responsibility, Monitoring & Review

The 5W Foundation Council have overall responsibility for ensuring this policy complies with our legal and ethical obligations, and that all those under our control comply with it.

5W Foundation management has primary and day-to-day responsibility for implementing this policy, and for monitoring its use and effectiveness and dealing with any queries on its interpretation.

Management at all levels are responsible for ensuring those reporting to them are made aware of and understand this policy and are given adequate and regular training on it.

The 5W Foundation Council will monitor the effectiveness and review the implementation of this policy, regularly considering its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

Any improvements identified will be made as soon as possible. Internal control systems and procedures will be subject to regular audits to provide assurance that they are effective in countering bribery and corruption.

All staff are responsible for the success of this policy and should ensure they use it to disclose any suspected danger or wrongdoing.

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