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Humans do not own this planet … we are its custodians.   If we are not all in this for the species, and that means every species, then we are failing this planet … and we are failing ourselves.”   5WF Founder


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Global Alliance Program (GAP)

5W Foundation is a private non-profit wildlife foundation, supporting a spectrum of wildlife initiatives around the world by providing them with a wide range of technological solutions and other practical, tangible assistance. Our focus is the non-financial support of vital initiatives around vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species and their ecosystems.


A “partner” is defined as an individual, company, network or association who has some degree of involvement with another entity’s business dealings in a relationship which may be contractual, or a very loose arrangement designed largely to impress.

A “supplier” is defined as a party that is paid to supply goods or services.

A “stakeholder” is defined as a person, organization, network or group with an interest or concern in an organization, and can affect or be affected by the actions, objectives and policies of that organization.

5W Foundation defines both “partners” and “suppliers” as potential Allies and we should all consider ourselves “stakeholders”.

Our key Global Alliance Program (GAP) pillars are these.


5WF seeks to work with any organization who will assist us in achieving the end goals and support outcomes of the projects and initiatives we support. We build strong relationships from which all parties benefit, be that commercially, reputationally or morally.


5WF seeks to work with any organization, from any sector, which shares our values and vision, and which can assist us with technology, assets or services usable by the programs and initiatives we support. We work with corporates, inventors, designers, institutes, museums, manufacturers, incubators, investors, biohackers and innovators to name but a few.


5WF seeks to work with any organization from any part of the planet. Innovation, solutions, drive and a commitment to other species and their ecosystems knows no global or geopolitical boundary.




If you must ask why 5WF does what it does, you either need to look up from your desk, watch more documentaries, read more research or browse more internet. After doing any of that, if you still do not understand why we do what we do, then well …

By engaging with public and private entities across sectors, we can share expertise, experiences, technology, resources, and so build and strengthen a joint conservation response. Our Global Alliance Program is filling the GAP that many wildlife projects and initiatives experience.

Just imagine what your organization and 5W Foundation could achieve by working together.

It could be spectacular. We could inspire and influence millions.

    • Your products and services, your altruism and generosity seen by millions.
    • Your brand delivering support to projects fighting for threatened species and ecosystems which cannot fight for themselves.
    • Your brand’s opportunity to assist in preserving this planet’s biological diversity for generations to come.
    • Your brand’s opportunity to assist in pioneering and driving conservation and biodiversity.

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Guiding Principles

All Alliance member and stakeholder engagement under the 5W Foundation Global Alliance Program (GAP) must apply the following guiding principles:

  • Be believers, anchored to the mission and objective of conserving our planet’s biodiversity.
  • Be commitment to advancing conservation and making a lasting and measurable impact at the local, national or global level.
  • Be guided by common values, professionalism and good governance.
  • Be guided by principles, including respect for human rights, dignity, cultural respect, gender equality, respect for indigenous peoples, laws and regulations, equity and geographical balance.
  • Be operating to policies or practices which address environmental and conservation issues, both internally and commercially.
  • Be transparent in their progress, adaptations and declarations in implementing their policies and practices.
  • Be mindful that our alliances are not in any way an implied or real endorsement of a corporation, organization, group or industry.


  • 5W Foundation will only engage with potential program allies when satisfied as to the ally’s level of commitment and performance, as determined by due diligence.
  • All public communications regarding alliances, and corporate participation or engagements, are subject to prior agreement by 5W Foundation.
  • No third-party entity, including an individual, group or company, may use 5W Foundation’s name and/or trademarks or copyrighted property without explicit prior written permission.
  • Alliance members will benefit from joining our program, in a variety of non-financial ways, commensurate with their degree of involvement and support of 5W Foundation itself, or the projects and initiatives into which the alliance solutions are introduced.
  • 5W Foundation may benefit from financial support donated by allies. However, such financial support must fulfill stringent criteria placed on the amount, duration and purpose, and on condition that no donation compromises 5W Foundation’s reputation or ongoing work effort.
  • 5W Foundation retains the absolute right to separate from any ally relationship, should it feel this is necessary for reasons of, but not limited to, environmental or conservation project risk, commercial risk, legal risk or reputation risk. It also includes breaches of agreements, violations or abuses of the Foundation’s rights or those of minorities or indigenous groups and misuse of intellectual or physical property or assets.

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