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The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle (384–322 BC), is considered the “father of zoology”.

His work The Nicomachean Ethics is widely considered one of the most important historical philosophical works and considers the following fundamental questions, whose answers form the basis of information gathering or problem solving.

•   Who?   •   What?   •   Where?   •   When?   •   Why?   •

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5W Foundation is a philanthropic wildlife foundation, established to consider those questions, in the context of conservation and in support of the UN Convention on Biodiversity.

In doing so, we seek to contribute to the preservation of global biodiversity by supporting, in practical terms, a range of conservation initiatives around the world.

We draw on our extensive network of manufacturers, innovators, technologists and suppliers from outside of the traditional conservation and environmental sectors. We bring them into the narrative, and into the public and ethical, proactive support of wildlife safeguarding.

With the support of our generous participants we provide projects around the world with technology solutions, material assets, vital services, training and consultation.

Our focus is on vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered animal species and their ecosystems.

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Why vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species?

Established in 1964, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species has evolved to become the world’s most comprehensive information source and critical indicator of the global conservation status and health of the world’s biodiversity.

According to the current IUCN Red List statistics, of the 142,500+ species currently on The IUCN Red List, more than 40,000 species are threatened with extinction, including 41% of amphibians, 21% of reptiles, 34% of conifers, 33% of reef corals, 26% of mammals, 37% of sharks and rays, 28% of selected crustaceans, 13% of birds, and 63% of cycads.

That means that around 28% of all assessed species globally are currently threatened with extinction, and biodiversity is declining.

“The IUCN Red List tells us where we ought to be concerned and where the urgent needs are to do something to prevent the despoliation of this world. It is a great agenda for the work of conservationists.” Sir David Attenborough

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 Note 5W Foundation does not support any project through direct financial means, (for example donations, grants or bursaries). Nor do we financially support staff costs (for example salaries or disbursements). 

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